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The monolith group is a commercial real estate development investment firm specializing in the development and construction of high end, high security, internal climate controlled self storage facilities, retail shopping centers and resort retirement senior living opportunities.

Tony Ardizzone started the Monolith Group in 2001, with over 19 years of commercial real estate experience. The philosophy is simple…”We look at projects not for what they are, but for what they can be.”

Even though Tony’s experience dates back 19 years, the family business has over 28 years of commercial construction and developing expertise. The passing of the torch has occurred with new designs that are integrated into high-tech securitized class “A” facilities

We have redeveloped, leased and managed through partnerships, co-tenancies and/or exclusive ownership, numerous transactions within the commercial real estate market all the while establishing many solid, long-term local and national relationships with many recognized large financial entities.

At the heart and soul of the organization is the determination to enhance and maximize the value of each property under our control through persistence and uncompromising integrity

The strength of the continuing relationships we have formed wit the various investors, lenders, tenants and Brokers has been a direct influence on the result of our success. The Monolith group continues to prove and unparalleled level of value and service by focusing on what we know- commercial real estate

Establishing a young, dynamic firm affords us the opportunity to deliver specific, customer service-oriented real estate services. As we continue to grow so does our participation in acquiring assets as well as land and office buildings for our mixed use self-storage retail centers while adding value with established national tenant relationships

Who Is Anthony Ardizzone?

Anthony Ardizzone is the Managing Member and CEO for Monolith Capital Group & Realty Advisors, LLC a real estate investment and development company in addition to ZZONE Construction, LLC. He is a strong entrepreneurial developer and investor with expertise in general management, marketing, finance, operational skills, profit motives acquired in real estate development, construction, acquisition and development of real estate assets specifically in self storage.

Mr. Ardizzone has over 27 years of experience as owner/builder of commercial, self storage and industrial buildings, residential subdivisions and land developments. He operates with a “hands – on attitude” that was instilled in him early on in his life. This expertise was cultivated through the family self storage construction business that was started by his father in 1987. His father was an architect with a degree from New York University and served as the architect, general contractor and construction manager over a 14 property self storage portfolio that was assembled and later sold in 1999.

More specifically, Mr. Ardizzone has self performed as General Contractor and Owner of eight class “A” Institutional grade self storage properties totaling approximately 1,000,000 square feet. The added Value that is brought to the investment partners and the investment is priceless. Through his venue of vertically integrating these synergies, there is not many developers in the United States of America that replicates this platform and expertise in the self storage arena.

Mr. Ardizzone started his career as a real estate broker in a large national brokerage firm to owner and developer of his own properties and those of various partnerships. He has worked for the family construction business and developers at the beginning of his career including Joint Venture Partners consisting of Arizona Partners, El Dorado Holdings, The Sparks Foundation and Vintage Partners.

Mr. Ardizzone has an extensive background in finance, legal issues, partnerships, joint ventures, construction, commercial real estate brokerage, job costing, pro formas, underwriting market cost sensitivity analysis, demand Studies, acquisition of existing assets and overall development experience. He is a licensed General Contractor, A licensed Real Estate Broker and property manager in the State of Arizona. His education includes undergraduate studies in finance and marketing from Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ. He received his Bachelor of Science from the W.P. Carey School of Business and a Doctorates degree in everyday business life.

Why Choose Monolith Group:

Why Self storage?

The Self Storage Industry has been the fastest growing segment of the commercial real estate industry over the last 40 years and has been considered by Wall Street Analysts to be “Recession Resistant” based on its performance since the economic recession of September, 2008.

When The Market Goes Down, Storage Goes UP


  • There are over 54,000 SS facilities in the USA.
  • The average (mean) size of a “primary” self storage facility in the USA is approximately 56,900 Square Feet.
  • Approximately $2.8 billion acquisition volume in 2015.
  • Americans store 2.3 billion square feet of stuff, which is more than 78 square miles–three times the size of Manhattan
  • Only 41 properties were constructed in 2015 out of the 159 announced. The limited new development in key markets presented little impact in those markets.

Why Monolith Self Storage Investments & Development?

The Monolith Group continues to construct a new portfolio of modern, “Class A”, air conditioned self-storage facilities and has recently added four sites to the portfolio. Three of the sites were constructed by Z Zone Construction, which serves as the in-house General Contracting arm of The Monolith Group. This enables The Monolith to control the project from start to finish and brings savings in both time and money to the partnerships.

Our track record?

The Monolith Group has constructed 23 properties in the Phoenix Metro Area totaling over 1.7 million square feet between 2 separate portfolios. The first portfolio was operated under the name of “Armored self storage” and consisted of 19 facilities. The core assets of Armored self storage were sold to Shur-Gard Self Storage in 2005. The Monolith Group sold 17 of the 19 properties within the portfolio to Shur-Gard in 2005. All 17 properties were constructed and project managed by the Monolith Group. These facilities were developed for an all in price of $33,380,000 and were sold for $102,000,000.