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Monolith, through our development division ZZONE Construction, is a specialist in redevelopment projects and the preferred partner of Extra Space. Our proven process will identify areas of improvement, produce plans and acquire necessary permitting, and rehabilitate any property to modern specs and efficiency.

Phases of Redevelopment

Feasibility Study: Jurisdiction Review, Planning and Zoning Analysis

Identify and research applicable planning and zoning ordinances, and develop and present options to the REIT Owner.
  1. Determine local building and zoning codes
    1. code inquiries and studies
  2. Determine local Entitlements processes
    1. Determine what the processes are for each individual municipality to obtain entitlements, either via web search, through associated phone calls, or via coordination with local Zoning attorneys.
  3. Zoning study (By Right)
    1. Provide a conceptual development scenario that complies with existing zoning including gross and net square footage.
  4. Zoning study (Relief)
    1. Provide a conceptual development scenario that requests zoning relief including gross and net square footage, with an outline schedule for the process that will be required to achieve the relief requested.
  5. Local Building Code review for local amendments
    1. Review existing local codes and amendments so that there are proper expectations when the building is submitted for permit. Coordinate with local code authorities and local consultants prior to commencing CDs.
  6. Program Analysis
    1. Analyze Extra Space’s building program with respect to the area required for building, area required for parking, circulation, open space, and other program elements, and any special constraints or requirements such as security, and easements.
  7. Deliverables
    1. Shall include the following; write-ups of anticipated approval process, schedule, and preliminary site plan data, analysis of allowed development scale and options.
  8. Commencement and implementation of Construction Program implemented with schedule and budget outlines.